Saturday, April 10, 2010

Online Quilt Museum - Call for Quilt Photos

Coming Soon: The museum will have Exhibits focusing on a wide variety of quilt topics, and Galleries featuring the works of individual quilters.

I'm hoping you will have your own Gallery in the Online Quilt Museum. It may energize your quilting to see all your quilts on exhibit in one place. If you have a blog, website, Etsy or eBay store, you may link to them from your Gallery and bring more traffic to your sites. You may indicate if some of your quilts are available for sale (include your email so people can reach you). Exhibit as many quilts as you like, and make changes to your Gallery whenever you want. The fee is $4.95/month (via PayPal), and part of the fee goes to support World Vision.

At the moment I'm looking for quilt photos of the following (see below). These will be included in Museum Exhibits. (You don't need to have a Gallery to participate, and it's free, of course.)
  • One-Patch Quilts: These are quilts made from one shape: squares, trianges, diamonds, hexagons, etc. All the pieces are the same size (except for any setting blocks around the edges of the quilt). A full quilt photo and one or two detail shots (if available) would be great. Include your name, where you live, and the name of your quilt.
  • Group Quilts: These are quilts made by more than one person, such as a Block of the Month quilt, or a quilt made from blocks from a group of friends. Please include the name of your group, where you live, and the name of your quilt.
  • Optical Illusion Quilts: Have you made one of these?
  • Log Cabin Quilts: And any variations: Pineapple, Courthouse Steps etc.
  • Also take a look at the first OQM Challenge: "If You Were a Quilt, What Would You Look Like?" You have until the end of October to email your entries. Details are on this blog.

Please email your photos to Thanks.

Quilts above by Karen Griska.

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Kathleen C. said...

This sounds wonderful! I'll spread the word of the Exhibits and individual Galleries to my online quilting friends. Kathleen C. in CT