Thursday, May 27, 2010

CHALLENGE: "If You Were a Quilt, What Would You Look Like?"

If you were a quilt what would you look like? Would all your points match? Or is your style a little off-beat? Are you a classic traditional quilt or a quilt with surprises? Or maybe a bit of both. It's something to think about! Make a quilt that represents your answer to this question.
Here are the details:
  1. Your quilt may be any size, any techniques, any materials. If you can photograph it, you can enter it.

  2. This Challenge is open to all quilters; you don't need to have your own Gallery at the OQM. One entry per quilter. No fees.

  3. Email 2 photos of your quilt to by midnight on October 31, 2010. One photo will show the whole quilt, the other photo will show a detail that you like.

  4. Include your name and the state or country you're from. Include the title of your quilt, and if necessary a few words or a sentence about why the quilt is like you.

  5. Include your email address. (It will be kept confidential, but I may have to notify you if you win the Challenge!)

  6. The quilt photo entries will be displayed in an Exhibit at, so you agree that it's okay for me to put your quilt photos and name on the Internet.

  7. By entering, you certify that you did, in fact, have fun making this challenge quilt.

  8. Three winners will be chosen by a panel of impartial judges. Prize packages will be full of quilty delights.

  9. So take a look at your stash and start thinking! If you were a quilt, what would you look like? Tell your guilds and quilting buddies about this Challenge! Quilters, wind your bobbins, get out a new rotary blade, have fun!

QUILT SHOWN: "Waverunner" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe,, Copyright 2010. (Used with permission.)


Quiltdivajulie said...

I'm in ... what fun!

Marie said...

Me too - This is an interesting challenge. I wonder how someone else would answer this about me?

Crystelle said...

Oh, I'm so excited! I'm going to get my brain working on this one!


Kyra said...

This quilt is gorgeous!

Quilt or Dye said...

Please develop a button for the quilt challenge that I can display on my blog. Thanks!

JellyBeansDesign said...

Yes. I'm in! Fun!

JellyBeansDesign said...

I have one question though... does to top have to be finished - quilting, binding, etc.