Friday, January 1, 2010

Renee, this is for you.

Hi Renee. Let's see if this helps. We can always walk through it over the phone if you want to.

Okay, first thing is log in. Do that and then you will be brought to a page that has some green text on it. Go to the right, and choose "Quilts" from the drop down menu, as shown above.

On the next page that appears, the first thing to do is to SELECT GALLERY from the drop-down menu, see above. Choose Renee's Needle. Then click on "GET GALLERY QUILTS," as shown below.

Okay, now that the system knows that you want to do something in "Renee's Needle," you can choose to ADD QUILT. See below.

You will be brought to a page (below) where you can fill in the title and any description.

Then, (on the same page) you click on the Browse box to choose the image of the quilt that you want to use. (below)

I chose the image of this little doll block. Then click on "Open" as shown below. That tells the system that you want to upload this quilt photo.

Then remember to click on SAVE in the bottom left corner of the page.

Now, if you log out, you can visit your Gallery, and you'll see your new quilt photo.

If you want to EDIT or DELETE, simply log in and instead of clicking on ADD QUILT, choose EDIT or DELETE. Then choose which quilt you want to edit or delete from the drop down menu.
Please email with any questions, or pick up the phone.

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